• New Year, New You? Fit and Healthy

    New Year, New You? Fit and Healthy

    Getting fit and healthy this new year


    Avoid the mistakes that the majority of new year gym members make to become fit and healthy

    Are you one of those people who make New Year resolutions to become fit and healthy? Then before January’s out you’ve already become bored, start making excuses not to go or have stopped going?

    Well. This will make you feel better. You are not alone.

    • More than two thirds of Brits (68%) made a New Year resolution to get fit and healthy in order to improve their lives, lose weight or prepare for a special event in the coming year.
    • Over a third (37%) of those that signed up for a gym membership will quit by the end of January.
    • The majority of people who quit by the end of January will not cancel their membership for some time. It’s almost like by not cancelling the direct debit they’re still an active gym goer. In reality, they’re just wasting money every month.
    • Three quarters (75%) of people feel they need motivating in order to exercise (but fail to get it from the gym). Gyms are very cliquey. Gym Personal Trainers tend to want to be seen with the regular fit and healthy people and therefore will likely avoid new members.
    • Four in five of us (80%) want to give up after just 20 minutes of exercise (just after their first warm up).

    Among many things, one of the main differences between me (Personal Trainer) and your local gym is that I’m in constant contact with you and knock on your door (or wait at a prearranged location) when it’s time to train.

    Accountability, encouragement and a genuine interest in your training goals make a huge difference to your training commitment. Something you definitely don’t get from a gym.

    Don’t waste your money. Cancel that gym membership and get some actual results.

    Contact me to arrange your free initial consultation.

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