• Pyramid Champ 2017

    Pyramid Champ 2017


    Last Months Client Pyramid Challenge Won By A Newbie!

    Last month I decided to run a client challenge called The Pyramid. In a nutshell, 5 exercises and 44 minutes to get up and down the pyramid. Think it sounds easy? THINK AGAIN!

    The Pyramid was won by Katherine, a relatively newbie to training (training with me for a year now). When Katherine started out, the 5-10 minute warm ups were enough to bring on the red face, sweats and language. A year on and Katherine’s now part machine. She never quits, takes it easy or gives less than 100% every time. This is why her body shape, fitness levels and strength have changed dramatically over the last year, even though her weight is pretty much the same (see picture for Katherine’s loaded guns!).

    The Pyramid is a HIIT workout against the clock. Each level consists of the same 5 exercises and each exercise has a certain number of reps. As the levels increase, the reps increase. You get 20 minutes to get from the bottom to as high up the 10 level pyramid as possible. You can stop and rest as often as you like but that will restrict your climb up the pyramid.

    Designed to work most of the muscle zones on the body, the exercises are a mixture of body weight and resistance exercises: Bicep Curls (barbell), Press Ups, Sit Ups, Shoulder Presses and Squat Jumps. Each client has their own particular weight on the barbell depending on their abilities. Katherine’s weight was 14kg.

    Once 20 minutes is reached, you get a 2 minute rest, after which you have got 22 minutes to descend all the way back down the pyramid from the level you reached, in reverse to the very bottom level. You only qualify if you make it back down within the overall 44 minute time period.

    The higher you climb in the initial 20 minutes means that you have to descend from that height in 22 minutes. Most clients mistakenly think that it’s going to be a walk in the park within levels 1-3. Level 4 is were things start to change.

    Katherine made it up to level 9/0 and all the way back down again in 41:51. A truly amazing time. That totalled 864 reps with only one official 2 minute rest. Katherine described it as ‘horrendous’ afterwards. I can’t print what others have described it as, or what they called me.

    Again, well done to Katherine not only for taking the title but also for the crazy amount of reps performed. A well deserved Pyramid Challenge 2017 T-shirt for you!

    If you happen to be around the North Down area doing a bit of shopping and see a woman doing press ups and flexing her biceps in the street… that’ll be Katherine 🙂

  • Posted by Katherine Feeney on 22/05/2017 at 8:56 am

    Thanks for the "Challenge" Andrew. You certainly get creative when making them! Certainly I couldn’t and wouldn’t have been able to do that a year ago.


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